Sunday, November 20, 2011

30 Days of Thankfulness: Days 18 and 19

I am so thankful for my sweet brother and sister in-laws, all five of them.  My sister, Patti Holt Weaver, married, John Weaver, and, he is great!  My older brother, Drew Holt, is married to the very funny and fun, Julie Holt.  My younger brother, Ben Holt, is married to Kim Dixon Holt, she truly completes him.  Kim is a great mom to Georgia and Evie.   

On John's side of the family:  His sister, Emily Bryson Clem is married to wonderful Will Clem.  Will is someone I really enjoy being with.  He is kind and sincere.  John's brother, Stephen Bryson is married to Tara Nagel Bryson.  Tara is one of my closest friends.  She is sincere and very sweet.  I look forward to 
any time I am able to spend with her.

Will and Emily Clem, Chelsea and Tricia
John Weaver (married to my sister, Patti) with Margaret and Laura, my nieces 
Kim and Ben Holt.  Daughters:  Georgia and Evie
Tara Bryson, with Beck
Julie and Drew Holt

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