Thursday, November 17, 2011

30 Days of Thankfulness: Day 17

Day 17:

I am so thankful for teachers and, those that have dedicated their lives to educating children.  My daughter is currently in first grade.   My two 3-year old sons are in Pre-K.  They all three have AMAZING teachers!  My mother was a teacher for 20 years.  My mother-in-law has taught pre-school for 25 years.  My sister-in-law, Emily, has taught school and, is currently a principal, for 18+ years.  Individuals who dedicate their lives to educating children are such a blessing!  I am so thankful!   Thank you:  Miss McMahon, Mrs. Hill, Mrs. McClintock, Mrs. Harris, Mrs. Snider, Mrs. Brown, Mrs. Trimm, Mrs. Arnold, Mrs. Scott, Mrs. Bell and Mrs. Stewart.   THANK YOU for all you have done to teach my children!!!

"Fiesta With Fathers" Day 2011...John and Beck

Traci Stewart and Meredeth Arnold.  Bo's teachers.    Awesome women!!!! Pre-K. 
Mrs. Bell and Mrs. Scott.  Beck's teachers.  Precious!!!
Brooke as a flower girl, with her senior, Katie Danahey.  Last year, SK.  
Wonderful Senior Kindergarten teacher, Barbara Snider.  LOVE  her!!!!

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