Thursday, November 3, 2011

Quick! 3-Step Paper Bag Luminaries

We hosted a parent party last week, for my daughter's first grade class. I made these paper bag pumpkin luminaries to line our front walk way.  You can easily make these for a fall party or, your evening Thanksgiving dinner. 

You Will Need:
1 pair of scissors
10-12 (or more) brown paper lunch sacks
1 pencil
1 bag inexpensive, unscented cat litter, or sand
10-12 votive candles (in a votive size glass candle holder) 

Step 1:  Fold a paper sack in half and, draw half of a pumpkin with a pencil (on the fold side).

Step 2:  Cut out the pumpkin. 

Step 3:  Place 1-2 cups of cat litter in each sack.  This will weight the sack down.
Place the votive candle (in a glass holder) inside each sack.  Use a back and forth motion to "nest" the candle in the cat litter.  Light the candles 15 minutes prior to your event.  

Note:  Feel free to use a stencil to trace the pumpkin.  I drew each one free hand and, do not worry if each one is not exactly the same size, shape. 

I used the cut out pumpkins around my flower centerpiece.  I wrote "SMS" on each one, with a Sharpie marker.  (The initials for "St. Mary's School").

Simply arrange the pumpkins flat on the table.  A fun "pop".

I love the way these turned out! 

Here come the guests!  The walk was all festive, as they arrived. 

Paper luminaries add a nice touch to your party.  I hope you can use this idea very soon.

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