Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Ten Things I 'Preach' To Myself Every Day- As A Mom

Last Wednesday, I was so blessed to be the guest speaker at the Women's Fall Bible Study kick-off at Central Church, in Collierville, TN.  My dear friend, Ellen Olford, is their Women's Minister and, she is wonderful!  She is a true leader in our city and, I am blessed to know her. 

I wrote this talk from exactly where I am right now, as a Mom to my precious five children. 

Playing in our back yard, this summer.
Here are:  Ten Things I "Preach" to Myself Every Day As A Mom:  (My notes are in red) 

  1.  The Gospel-  I am a ‘work in progress’ and designed by Christ to be a Mom and wife.  I am constantly reminding myself of John 3:16 and, how I am working each day to be a great parent, with God's help.  I have to forgive myself and move on, as I make mistakes on a daily basis.  The cross...so thankful for the cross!  
  2. Rome wasn’t built in a day- raising children is a day-to-day process and, I cannot rush them to be perfectly behaved and together.  Psalm 26:11- I will daily walk in my integrity.  I love this verse!  Do I walk in integrity each day?  This is my heart's cry...walking in integrity as a wife, a mom, a home maker...in all that I do. 
  3. Start fresh each day.  Look at my children each morning and believe the best in them.  Lamentations 3:22-25.  Every day is new!  I am very thankful for this promise in Lamentations, one of my "Life Verses".  We do not need to carry over what our child did yesterday in to this day.  I start fresh and, I allow them to start fresh.  No holding a grudge against him/her in my heart.  No parenting out of what they might do, based on a previous day.  A fresh start!  This is what God gives us each day. 
  4.   Do not parent them in anger or out-of-being tired or moody.  Ephesians 6:4 and Ephesians 4:31.  Ouch!  These verses are really convicting!  I get 'out of sorts' with my children many days and, I know, many times, the problem is ME!  I want to parent well and, not according to my mood.  
  5.  Extend grace.  Grace, grace, wonderful grace!  My dear friend, Nan Lawrence shared this idea with me:  The Grace Rule.  Every week, give your child an "out" with using a Grace Rule method.   Teach them grace in action.  They break a rule or disobey.  Normally him/her would receive their punishment.  Explain to them that they are "getting a pass" because of grace.  Explain to them that what they did was disobedient, but, they are going to bypass a punishment all because of grace. 
  6.  Be flexible and fun.  I have mom friends who are fun and very flexible each day.  I struggle in this area!  I am constantly trying to "check off the boxes" on my 'To Do' list and, strive to keep my children on their schedule.  There is no room for error!  Ha!   I subscribe to the magazine Family Fun.  I literally keep the magazine in plain view, to remind myself to be more of a FUN mom!  Flexible?  Not really me!  I aim to let things "roll off" me easier.....ahhhh....this is a challenge!  Day-by-Day, sweet Lord. 
  7. Strive to keep a peaceful home.   I have been meditating on 1 Corinthians 14:33 the past few weeks.  A great verse!  "For God is not a God of confusion but of peace."  Each day, I have a choice:  Cultivate peace in my home, or not.  I choose peace!  I strive to organize our home, play sweet music, 'dish' out hugs and kisses and praise, light a fragrant candle, sit down for dinner each night.  Yes, each day feels like a fast moving train, but, order in the home cultivates peace.  You can do it!   
  8. Hug their dad in front of them, often.  Hugs on their dad make them see a secure marriage.  I know there are some single Moms here today, and, I pray for you.  Your job is not easy.  May God grant you extreme wisdom as a single parent. 
  9. Take some “me time” and have hobbies.  Hobbies and taking a day for yourself will make you feel refreshed and well-rounded.  Do not wait for the time to have a hobby.  You will never feel like you have time.  Take up walking, start scrap booking, read a good book, play tennis, get a facial, call a good friend and invite her to coffee.  You get the idea.  Do not think everything at home has to be in order before you take some time "off"....remember: the house will never be "all done"...it is a blessed continual cycle.  Take a breather and, treat yourself.   You will be a more patient mom afterwards. 
  10.  Meditate on the Word and pray for them, by name, daily.  Prayer creates a merciful heart.  I have been praying often for my children.  Praying for them by name.  Praying for their future spouses.  Praying for their hearts to be turned toward God. Praying for them to obey.  Praying for them melts my heart toward them.  Start a prayer notebook and give each child their own page.  I love to pray for my children using Sylvia Gunter's Prayer Portions.  This book is a wonderful guide for many types of prayers.  Awesome!  Buy your copy today! 
Hanging out on the floor.  We were at the beach....a few weeks ago. 
Brooke and Blair.  Ages 6 and 4 months.
Eating donuts at the beach in Florida. 

May you press on in your quest to parent well.  Press on, press on, in the wonderful words of the Apostle Paul.  Being a mom is a major role.  Are you going to finish well? 

Thank you for reading my post, I truly thank you.  Have a blessed day!   

Hugs!  -BETH 


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