Wednesday, November 23, 2011

30 Days of Thankfulness: Day 23

I am SO thankful today for time away from our normal day-to-day schedule and, holidays!  We are leaving to drive to Harlan, Kentucky today.  We will drive to John's parent's home.  His mom, Patricia Bryson, is a lovely hostess.  Her house is one of my favorite places to sit and relax.  Their home was built in the 1940's and, it sits on a gorgeous mountain, in the Appalachian Mountains.  I am talking, breath-taking ya'll!  

Happy, happy Thanksgiving!

Feel free to jump in to "30 Days of Thankfulness" today, with Amanda
and I.  We are really enjoying this series.  Join in!  


Lynn@ The Vintage Nest said...

Take lots of pictures! We want to see your Thanksgiving Day. Sounds like it will be perfection! :)

Amanda said...

I'm with Lynn, I just came over from Reader to tell you to show us pictures!! I'm thankful for lack of regular routine, too! No lunches, early morning getting ready, and homework! Happy thanksgiving!