Monday, August 22, 2011

While We Wait

How often do you wish there were just a few more hours in your day?  Me too!  My life in this season is chalked full of times of waiting.  I wait in the car line to pick-up my children from school, wait in doctor's offices, wait for the Memphis train to pass...on and on, you get the picture!  During these precious minutes, I want to get some important things done.  I consider my car my "office away from home".  You really can get a LOT accomplished in the comfort of your car.  

Here are the items in my "Waiting Bag" this week...full and ready, at any moment.  Try it out...I promise, you will truly feel like you squeezed the most potential out of your day!  This is truly what I call, "waiting with FLAIR".  

Here is my bag.  This is by Oilily.  They no longer carry this bag, but, I am positive you can find a great looking bag, either on their website or, try, Target.
Trying so hard to get through my "One Year Bible" this year!  Determined...
Drinking more water is SO good for you!...keeps your complexion clear, your kidneys flushed...on and on...
Always needing to review my schedule and my husband says I am "CEO" of keeping our home...this is a huge job and, I love it! 
 Real I adore this publication!  Very inspiring and helpful. 
 I am a big believer in the old-fashioned written word.  Encourage someone today with a hand written note.  Tell your child's teacher you appreciate them, or, write a note to your best friend and, tell him/her how much you treasure them.  These DARLING notecards were designed by LIBBY LU.  Aren't they cute?  Thanks Kelly! 
 Do you struggle with memory verses?  Keep a stack in your car and, you will be surprised at how many times you will have a moment to review one.  These cute memory cards can be purchased at Lifeway.   
 Grocery list!  There are always items needed from the grocery store.  My five little kiddos can consume some food!  Keeping an ongoing list helps me a lot.  The "E" is for "formal" name...ha! 

Flair Note for Fall:  Notice my dark nail polish?  Go ahead and get ready for fall with dark nails.  My favorite shade?  Lincoln Park After Dark, by OPI.  Love it! 

Get your "waiting bag" ready today!  You will be so glad you did!

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