Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Shoe Shopping- Quick!

You may already be a "pro" at ordering from my favorite online shoe store, Zappos, but, just in case...I thought I would tell you how MUCH I adore this store!  I can keep my kiddies fitted in shoes, in a matter of minutes!  They have free shipping, and, unreal, you can exchange any pair of shoes for up to 365 days!  You talk about being efficient....and, efficiency is one of my favorite "hobbies" these days.  

Not sure about your child's shoe size?  Easy!  Go to a local children's shoe store and, have him or her measured.  Wah Lah!  Ready to order!  Another thing, Zappos will have any pair of shoes on your door step within 48 hours....I just cannot get enough of this store!  

Shoe shopping for back-to-school....DONE!  Mama is happy!  

Love the sight of this box on my door step!  Goodies inside! 
I just could not resist these for MY "back-to-school" shoes!  ha!  Aren't they cool?  
The shoes I ordered are one of my most trusted brands.  He creates great shoes! 
I got so excited when I opened the shoe boxes...had to put them out on display!  One pair each for my three boys and, 6 year old daughter received two's a "girl thing".

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