Thursday, August 25, 2011

Cooking School

Wow!  Such a fun class!  I attended a Viking Cooking School course this week and...I highly recommend it!  Find something you love to do and, do it with ALL your might!  I love to cook!  What do you love?  Cultivate it right away!  Hobbies are so great for the soul!!!

We arrived and, they had this AMAZING olive appetizer on the table:
 The Viking Cooking Institute kitchen--so professional! 
Celebrating our friend's birthday...sweet Melinda...
 My dear friends are cooking...this course was very "hands on"...
 We prepared this wonderful almond lemon cake...divine! 
Our wonderful instructor, Gail. 
 We prepared eggplant parmesan and, we were proud!!! 
 This is the soup we prepared:  Orzo with fresh spinach and parmesan cheese, it tasted SO good!!! 

I highly recommend the Viking Cooking Institute.  Find a local cooking class in your area as soon as possible.  Grab a few friends and, sign will LOVE it! 


Annette Mastron said...

Recipes please!

Holly Dennis said...

So glad you had fun! I follow this church planter wife blog called Grace Covers Me ( and she is doing a series right now on passions and uncovering them!

Beth Bryson said...

Hi Annette! So sorry- the recipes are strictly copyrighted by the Viking Corp. and, I cannot post them. =(

Holly- Thank you so much for the blog referral! Hope you are doing well.