Friday, September 9, 2011

Flair Candle of the Month! -September 2011

Oh my!  You MUST get this wonderful candle right away!  I truly feel like fall just exploded in my kitchen yesterday afternoon, after I started burning this candle.  PUMPKIN SPICE by Aromatique.  So delicious!  For any Memphis friends, I purchased mine at the divine floral store, Le Fleur

I was able to prepare dinner for my children and, easily help my daughter (6 years old) with her homework...all the while, smelling this wonderful scent.....the smell of pumpkins and spices.....YUM!!!


I love to "style" candles by setting the jar on a pretty plate or, in a crystal wine coaster, as seen above.  Fall is here!  The leaves on the tree right outside my kitchen window are turning gorgeous shades of orange and yellow...hooray! 


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