Friday, February 18, 2011


Where to begin? Collecting cookbooks, reading them, marking them for favorites (I draw a star beside a MUST do over recipe!), and testing recipes is one of my MOST favorite hobbies.  The last time I counted, I had over 120 cookbooks and....this was AFTER a big clean out session!  My cookbooks are reminders of places John and I have travelled, special towns that I love and, ALWAYS a reminder that I want to sit down, read one and PLAN a party of any kind!  

I went through my collection and picked some of my ALL TIME favorites for you.  * Check for used copies (a great way to add to your cookbooks).  Do not be afraid to 'tweak' a recipe and, be sure and make notes out to the side of what you did, for the next time.

My mother is a wonderful cookbook collector and, a FABULOUS cook....I attribute my love for them to her. 

      A totally wonderful cookbook by The Junior League of Houston- awesome! 

 I used to LOVE to eat at The Peach Tree Tea Room in Fredericksburg, TX. This cookbook is wonderful!  Every single recipe in it is amazing!  I use cheesecake recipes from it. 
     This cookbook by The Junior League of Denver is truly FANTASTIC!  Gorgeous pictures too!  
 Helen Corbitt!  An American treasured cook.  This cookbook is one of my very FAVORITES!  Helen Corbitt became famous when she ran the tea room at Neiman Marcus in Dallas, TX, starting in 1955. Many of her recipes are still on their tea room menu, including her very famous, poppy seed dressing.  I especially love her warm peanut butter sauce, served over ice cream. YUM!!
I LOVE my hometown, Memphis, TN, but, all biases aside, this Junior League of Memphis cookbook is a fact, get it NOW!!!  EVERY single recipe in it is a crowd THRILLER.  One of the most favorite recipes around here is the HOT ONION SOUFFLE', p. 31---cream cheese, onions, Parmesan cheese....served hot....need I say more?? 
I absolutely love and am SO INSPIRED by Ina Garten, aka, The Barefoot Contessa!  I first learned about her, many years ago, from my dear friend, Nan Lawrence.  I DVR her tv show on the Food Network every Saturday and, I own practically every cookbook she has ever published.  *This Back To Basics is great!!!  She is very famous, but, in case you have not followed her show...jump to it!  Her recipes are elegant, but, QUICK....truly incredible!!  

Here's to cookbook collecting and, most of all, preparing wonderful dishes for your guests.

Feel inspired? Please post your favorite cookbook on the comments sections.  We would love to know the title!  

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