Monday, February 21, 2011


Keeping the home is a big task and, I truly believe praying over your home and your family, FIRST thing in the morning CHANGES the atmosphere of the entire day.  

A dear friend recently gave me this little booklet and, I wish I could send each of you one!  Truly, this prayer booklet has been ROCKING my world and, I am urging you to order yourself a copy TODAY!  Thank you Sylvia Gunter for writing this amazing book!  I read a page of it each morning and, when I am to the end, I start over. AWESOME!! 

For the Family    To Order:   (click on 'Store') 
                                                  *LIFE CHANGER!  

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Jennifer Snellings said...

Beth, I LOVE your blog! What wonderful tips and time-savers you have!! You've always been such a creative homemaker; thanks for sharing your wisdom with the rest of us! :)

This book sounds great; I'll have to grab a copy!!

Take care,