Saturday, February 19, 2011


Keeping our home is one of my favorite things to do.  TIME spent in the home is a huge key and, also, time saving tricks.  Here are a few habits I have implemented over the years and, these add minutes to my day, as well as keep clutter to a minimum.  Spring is on our heels....why not start now with cleaning out, and, gaining more time each day? 

 Oh!  That mail.....arrives daily and stacks up easily.  Sure can create clutter in a hurry!  What to do?  Use my "touch it ONE time" rule:  The minute you take it from the mailbox, sort it into piles of 1) Bills 2) Trash *3) Respond.  Should you receive a party invite for yourself or a child, take time and RSVP the SAME day or send an email. *This makes the sender feel GREAT and, then,  place a check mark in the top right corner of the invite, letting you know you already responded.  Gift needed?  Order the gift online or a store within 48 hours of receiving the invite and, place a check mark in the top left hand corner of the invitation----DONE!  When the party or wedding date arrives, you are ready to head out the door, gift in hand!   #2) TRASH that junk mail the second you receive it!  #1) Place bills in the place you store them- open right when you receive it and write on outside of envelope the date it is due and, the amount.  This way....on bill paying day, you can pay them quicker. One more thing, don't have time to get the mail and sort it?  No problem!  Make it a point to GET the mail when you know you can spend 5 minutes sorting!  Only 5 minutes!  I promise!!  
I have been getting a great weight lifting session in while my children are taking a bath each night!!   

They LOVE listening to music during their bath and, I play upbeat music that I can do my 'routine' to.  They laugh at me as I work my biceps, triceps....etc. and, I can check for proper form in the bathroom mirror.  15 minutes does the 'trick' and, I feel great while they are soaking/playing!  

 Clean out those drawers!   Thinking about doing all of mine at once, is overwhelming to me!  Take one-two drawers any time you get an opportunity and, your home will feel SO tidy!  The one pictured is in my daughter, Brooke's bathroom.  This morning, it was FULL of clutter- hair ties, safety pins, tubes of lotion---a MESS!  I emptied the entire drawer (this is KEY), sorted and threw things away and, now.....LOOK.....a neat drawer!  Makes me HAPPY!!! 
This is a GREAT time saver!  I learned this from my dear
 Mom-in-Law, Pat Bryson.  Unwrap bars of soap and keep them in a bin in your bathroom.
On those early mornings, all you need to do is grab a fresh bar!  

Buying frequently used items in bulk saves SO MUCH TIME!  I love COSTCO or SAM's for this 'trick', but, the grocery store works too!  I love making sure my sweetheart  always has everything he needs.  I call these items my bathroom "pantry".  Major time saver!!!

From the book Life Management for Busy Women, by Elizabeth George: 
         Think again about the place where you live, the place you call home. You and I have little control over most of the events of our lives. But we do have a measure of control over the atmosphere and the order and the smooth running of our home. You see, what's inside our doors and under our roof is our sphere. It's our place.  By and large, it's a sphere and a place we build, watch over, manage, and love.  So why shouldn't we dive in and do it with great passion and purpose?  
Wishing each one of you happiness and contentment as you keep your home. Do not forget to love on your home with 'FLAIR'.
            Love From My Home, Beth 


Patricia said...

I am enjoying your blog so much. I,like you, feel happy when the "pantry" is full and the drawers are clean. Been trying to do some of the drawer cleaning during my recovery. I realized today that I have not been in a grocery store, drug store or WalMart in over 6 weeks. A record! My pantry is near empty!

WendyLou said...

Girl! I am SO with you on the mail!! Touch it once and toss it out!! I don't even keep invitations - that info goes straight to my calendar, and the invite goes out. Lovin your blog - great tips!!!