Wednesday, February 23, 2011


Today was cloudy and rainy in Memphis, TN and, in order to brighten up my day, I visited one of my favorite "Happy Places".   Garden District  is one of my top picks in order to 'feed' my creative side and soak up the FABULOUS floral designs in this GORGEOUS store.  Thank you, Joseph, for allowing me to photograph in the store today.  Your talents AMAZE me!

Their VERY friendly staff are always ready to assist with a warm smile. I often will take my own containers in to their store and, they will fill them with awesome creative floral arrangements, elaborate or simple, depending on the style I request.

Their store is very SEASONAL and, I often 'kick off' a new season in my home AFTER I walk in to this store and, get an 'injection' of spring, summer, fall or my MOST favorite....CHRISTMAS!

Garden District of Memphis, TN.  Truly one of the MOST amazing floral and home stores I have ever visited!    

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