Friday, March 18, 2011


SPRING!  I ADORE this season!  The trees are beginning to bloom in Memphis, Tennessee. Stay tuned, I will post some GLORIOUS pictures of the dogwoods and azaleas once they peak.  This southern city is alive with SPRING and, I am inspired!

Go ahead and "dress" your home for this wonderful season!  You can get MUCH done in only one hour.  Here are some touches I recently added to my home. 

Nothing says "WELCOME" like a front door that has been adorned with decorations of the season.    The wreaths were purchased at ANTIQUES WITHIN and the 3-inch wide green satin ribbon is from MICHAEL'S.  A SIMPLE project!  Measure two pieces of ribbon the same length and, tie in a flat knot.  Done!  This is a very clean and crisp look.  

Vintage milk glass.  These pieces belonged to my husband's grandmother.  You can locate milk glass  on eBAY  or  enjoy a trip to an antique store and, explore away! 

An egg topiary!  This was ready made and, the colors are fantastic!
 Purchased at 

I LOVE this wire mesh Easter basket!   You can find GREAT accents at MANY places!   The basket was purchased at TJ MAXX  and the WONDERFUL pastel eggs were purchased at KROGER!  You can find awesome items ANY where---as long as you LOOK and DREAM!  

Bunny wreath purchased at MICHAEL'S.  Two-inch-wide pink ribbon purchased at the same location. You could purchase two of these and, hang them on double front doors.  This single one is hanging on my back door.  A happy "face" greets us each time we come home. 

A festive door mat at my back door.  Purchased at MARSHALL'S.

"HE" sits beside my back door.  I change his bow, according to the season.  He truly is a wonderful 'friend' and, he was purchased in Memphis, TN at one of my MOST favorite floral shops: RACHEL'S FLORIST.  Cement figurines are great to look at and, add charm to your patio.

By now, you might be able to detect that I LOVE bunnies! This sugared look on figurines is one of my favorite details. This sweet bunny is displayed in my powder bathroom.  I enjoy pulling 'her' out each spring....puts a smile on my face!  From my collection, so sorry, cannot remember where I purchased this! 
GORGEOUS RIBBON!!!!  A favorite 'staple' for the season!  I purchased this wonderful 3-inch ribbon at MICHAEL'S .  This is the ribbon I used to hang the wreaths on my front door (above).  We attended a lovely dinner party two weeks ago and, I used a piece of this to wrap around a chocolate layer cake that I was taking.  You will find MANY reasons to use this ribbon- a wonderful purchase!   FLAIR TIP:  Tie a piece of this wide ribbon around a special birthday gift.  You can wrap the gift with brown paper and, use this ribbon as the finishing touch~ WONDERFUL!!!

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Patricia said...

Beth, it was like seeing old friends to see Mother's milk glass pieces; she loved them. I am so glad that you are enjoying them. She would smile to see them in such beautiful surroundings.