Saturday, July 30, 2011

Do You Need A Classic Devotion Book? Here It Is!

I have been encouraged by the devotion book 31 Days of Praise, by Ruth Myers, for many years.  Her style of writing is truly thought provoking and meaningful.  You can purchase the book for only $5.99 at Christian Book Store.  

I read this yesterday:  (She writes this as a prayer): 
     Thank You that I can give myself up to be led by You...that I can go forth praising and at rest, letting You manage me and my day...that I can joyfully depend on You throughout the day, expecting You to guide, to enlighten, to reprove, to teach, to use, and to do in me and with me what You desire...that I can count upon Your working in me and through me as a fact, totally apart from sight or feeling...that I can go forth praising and at rest, believing You and obeying You and ceasing from the burden of trying to manage myself without Your wisdom and power (adapted from Dr. John Hubbard). 
     Thank You that I can throw the whole weight of my anxieties on You, for I am Your personal concern.

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