Sunday, June 5, 2011


I am a HUGE NORDSTROM fan and, since we do not have this store in Memphis, TN., their online store is key.  

CHECK out the HUGE summer sale they are currently having.  You can pick up some GREAT and CLASSIC items that are right "on point" as current trends, but, I do believe you will get SEVERAL years of wear from these pieces.

I am showing only a FEW of the items that are on sale.....LOTS of great items (with FLAIR) to choose from.  

Don't you just love a great sale??  I sure do!  CHECK IT OUT! 

A white watch by Michael Kors.  On sale for $134.90.  This color matches EVERYTHING!  So cool and classic, all at the same time!   An awesome watch!  I have purchased two oversized watches by MK and, wear them ALL the time! 
AHHHHH!  My favorite running shoes on the PLANET!  By Brooks.  SUPER comfortable and, I even play tennis in them!  A great sale at $99.95.  I normally have to pay over $125 per pair.  GREAT DEAL! 

Wedge sandals!   A great look, for ANY age!  These sandals do have a high heal, however, they are VERY comfortable to wear!   This style gives you a nice elevation and, looks great with capri style pants or shorts.  By Me Too, $58.90.

Nude colored heels.  HUGE for this season!  This color matches ANYTHING!  This shoe is by Steve Madden and, on sale for $59.00.  Steve Madden shoes are normally VERY comfortable. 

Spruce up your night time wear with this DARLING little robe! On sale for $39.90.  CUTE!  You could also sit and drink your coffee in this, each morning.  Adorable!  

Yes, I must admit, TORY BURCH  is one of my favorite designers.  LOVE her shoes, purses, sunglasses.....super CUTE and CLASSIC designs!  This adorable pair of wedge sandals is on sale for $149.90.  I promise, you will get MANY years of wear out of this CLASSIC shoe!  The leopard print adds a FUN "pop".

Taking the time to dress with a bit of FLAIR truly helps put you in a better frame of mind and, I believe, makes us more productive each day.  Are these items not in your budget?  NO WORRIES!  You can find stylish items to wear at ANY budget!  All you need to do is LOOK and,  know where to shop.  

Here are a few of my favorite online stores for great deals on shoes, fun shirts, etc.  You do NOT have to spend a lot of money in order to add stylish items to your wardrobe.  


Charlotte Russe -  GREAT priced shoes and, you will not believe how comfortable!
ZAPPOS-  BEST shoe selection on the planet!  The best part?  FREE next day shipping!  My favorite "go to" for children's shoes!  AWESOME and, a huge time saver!  
BODEN-  ADORABLE clothing and, at a great price point!   Very "right now", but, not too trendy.  Check it out!
FOREVER 21 -  SUPER trendy, but, I LOVE this store for something cute and cheap for dinner out with girlfriends or a date with my hubby.  LOVE their jewelry too!  I can find FUN earrings for $3-$5 each.  No.....they do not look very good past 6 months, but, very can hardly pass them up! 
GARNET HILL - LOVE!!!!  A great store!  Cute clothes for all ages and, also, great bedding and neat items for home.  * GREAT jewelry too! 
J CREW - AWESOME!  Whether you are 21 or 75 years of age....this store is SO classic!  They have amazing sales and, I LOVE to shop here!  ADORABLE and, you will feel GREAT buying a great piece of clothing, with GREAT quality! 
Walmart-  YES INDEED!  Your old 'hometown favorite'.  Check their website for some GREAT clothing and, you will NOT believe the deals!  Great styles.....especially in the "juniors" tab.  * You can look at the customer ratings and, see items that are highly rated.  Great style at a FRACTION of normal prices.  Who knew?? 

Shop savvy, shop SMART, and, most of all......WEAR IT WITH FLAIR!!!!

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